Small Waterproof Chimenea Cover For Clay And Metal Chimeneas Max 80cm x 41.5cm

Small Waterproof Chimenea Cover For Clay And Metal Chimeneas Max 80cm x 41.5cm

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A small waterproof chimenea cover to fit clay and metal chimeneas of maximum height 80cm and diameter 41.5cm.

All chimeneas should be covered to prevent them from getting wet and protect them from rain and frost damage and to prolong their life.

This cover fits chimineas that are a maximum diameter of 41.5cm, that are large and traditionally shaped.

It is 130.4cm in circumference and 80cm in height. The funnel section is 32cm tall.

Cast iron and steel chimeneas can rust if left outside all year round and clay chimeneas can crack if they absorb water or if the water they have absorbed freezes. Ideally, a fleece lined chimenea cover will give it that extra protection in the winter months.

This waterproof cover is practical and long lasting, being made out of UV and tear-resistant woven polypropylene.

It is supplied with a tie-string and brass eyelets to tighten the cover all the way round the base.

The small size fits most small models of chimenea such as the Ohio small, Cozumel, Billie, Small Elements, Small Fire, Small Air, Small Water, Small Earth, C20s and CCC18s range.

Available are small, medium, large and extra large waterproof covers as well as medium and large heavy duty fleece lined chimenea covers as well as bronze and black chimenea paint to keep your chiminea looking like new.

Product code: UKG1159

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