UK-Gardens Artificial Potted Plants - 85cm Artificial White Orchid Flower In A White Pot

UK-Gardens Artificial Potted Plants - 85cm Artificial White Orchid Flower In A White Pot


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  • UK-Gardens Artificial Potted Plants - 85cm White Artificial Orchid Flower In A White Pot.
  • This artificial plant in a pot is a realistic 85cm orchid artificial flower with an attractive stem with many flowers coming off, with 5 artificial leaves and approximately 20 flowers set in an attractive white plastic planter pot.
  • The 85cm orchid plant is approximately 34 inches tall including the pot and the foliage is approximately 39cm wide, and is suitable as an office plant, or easy to look after indoor house plant for your home, or as a birthday present, mother's day or thank you gift.
  • Indoor or outdoor use, but should be sheltered or weighted down in windy conditions and will fade in direct sunlight over time.
  • Artificial plants and trees are suitable for darker or draughty positions where real plants might not flourish, or for those people who don't have the time or choose not to look after plants.Orchid plant set in a white plastic planter pot with decorative moss on top. Can be re-potted into a decorative wooden, metal or plastic plant pot of your choosing.
  • Total dimensions: Height 85cm x Width 39cm x Depth 30cm approximately across the widest part of the plant flowers and foliage. Pot dimensions: Height 12cm x Top Diameter 13cm x Bottom Diameter 9cm Please note that all measurements are approximate as it depends how you position the stems and leaves.


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